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Students (and recent graduates) in the UAE may submit sculptural (3D) work for possible inclusion in an exhibition at AUD as part of Sculpture Network’s Start 19.  Extended submission deadline is January 14th. Exhibition dates are Jan 27th to Feb 5th.



Category: Sculpture Network, Start 19 at AUD

Main Organizer: Sculpture Network in Germany

Host: American University in Dubai (AUD)

Contacts:  Flounder Lee and Toma Gabor

Location: AUD American University in Dubai


Phone: 04 318 3209 (Flounder Office Number)


Fees: no submission or exhibition fee required



University students (including those who graduated in 2016-2018) within the UAE are invited to submit one of their artworks done in any type of three-dimensional art/design medium either hard or soft, light or heavy– a freestanding piece, installation or wall mounted for consideration for this exhibition. This year’s motto is "Three-dimensional art and society".


Sculpture Network’s Start '19 is an international festival designed to celebrate and promote sculpture. Sculpture Network is Europe’s leading esteemed platform for three-dimensional art, a non-profit organization for the support, encouragement and promotion of contemporary sculpture.

Whether museum, studio, gallery or workspace, throughout Europe and worldwide, various art-oriented hosts are opening their doors on Sunday, January 27, 2019, for all types of sculpture enthusiasts.


At the same time, all participants and locations will be virtually connected during the event to communicate impressions in real-time and exchange ideas with guests of other event locations directly.


At the beginning of 2019, AUD American University in Dubai will be one of the hosts for the event. An exhibition followed by hands-on workshops will run from 27th of January to 5th of February that is joining Sculpture Network’s celebration.


Society shapes art and art shapes society. Both are inextricably linked. How do we view three-dimensional art? How does it change and influence our worldview? The art form of sculpture, in particular, offers the opportunity to take on other perspectives and to question norms.


Submission requirements

• Submit all requested information in one email to

• Your name and the institution you are coming from, including the preferred email for contact

• At least three images of your artwork (general views and detail).

o Do not use flash or direct light with sharp shadows; be aware of the angles when you shoot the work as well.

• The proposed work for submission should not be older than a year; it can also be a work in progress

o If in-progress work is submitted, drawings and images and detailed information about the finished piece should be provided.

• To provide you with the required space and facilitate the right display, please mention a rough size and installation method.

• A brief description of your practice or overall artist statement (200-300 words) along with a brief description (150-200 words) of the work submitted.

• A 50-100 word biography about you (in the third person).

• You will be notified via email once your submitted work is selected along with the steps to follow.


The sizes requirements for work

• Indoor piece: not bigger than H -100 x W-50 x L -50 x cm for the one that requires a pedestal or base. Group of elements can be considered in case of floor installation - not to exceed 100 cm from all angles.

• Outdoor piece: either group of elements (installation) or a compact one, the dimension should not exceed 100 cm from all angles. Taking into consideration the weather conditions during the winter season is a plus, including strong gusts and winds that might occur suddenly.

• The suspended pieces should be lightweight since specific structure reinforcement cannot be provided – unless the student comes with his/her own that stands independently from the building’s structure.

• Please email for any possible exceptions for example a tall but very thin artwork.


Available space for display

Rotunda Gallery at AUD, adjacent corridors and, possibly, outdoor space

Please email for details, in case you require more information about the venue, specific arrangements that can be provided, display space, etc.


Workshops option and facility

Proposals for hands-on workshops are also accepted. In case that you would like to propose one, please be aware that we can only provide a limited workshop space that can accommodate certain practices. Please provide us the details well ahead, to provide you with basics: furniture (table, chair), access to a power source etc.




American University in Dubai is only offering its venue for display, all other expenses required for the participants such as transportation (to and from the venue), installation crew (if needed for special installation), materials/ equipment cannot be financed.


Conditions of participation

• the participating students should be aware of cultural policy in the region as well as the fact that AUD is an educational venue.

• Works that generate smoke, liquid, or contain chemicals that might be a threat to the public will not be accepted.

• Security cannot be provided - specific occurrences due to passerby’s negligence might happen, as such, the displayed piece should be stable and secure to the base, mounting board, ground, ceiling, etc.

• We will appreciate your presence during the installation process.

o Exceptions made for simple installations.

• The participant student (or a representative) should be available to pick up the artwork at the end of the event.

• Please be aware that since we are an education venue, the pieces on display cannot be for sale.

• Please do not physically submit your artworks unless you are informed of acceptance via email; storage space cannot be provided.


The display time frame

27h of January to February the 5th, 2019


What we provide

• wooden pedestals (for the indoor pieces)

• a PDF brochure with a brief description of your practices and a picture with an artwork

• an online wall where you can display photographs or videos of the happenings during the show (instructions will be provided) – be aware that the main organizer will erase inappropriate posting.



• First deadline for submitting digital materials: 14th of January

• Notification of acceptance or rejection: by January 18th

• Second deadline submitting accepted, physical works: Thursday the 24th of January

• Collecting artwork, Wednesday the 6th of February 2019 at AUD