Two Minute Clip

Installation and Screen Shots



Just Deserts


4 HD Video Projections; 8-channel audio; 34 minute 30 second loop


Commissioned for Sikka Art Fair by Dubai Culture. It was installed first in the Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood in Dubai during March and April 2016 and later in the Tashkent Biennale VIII.


The desert has played across our imagination for millennia. It has been continually represented in media from paintings to film. It piqued my attention in college when I was able to visit the Southwestern US.


The video installation has narrative elements but is not a straight linear narrative. Parts of the video is pulled from my own library of videos that I’ve recorded over the last couple of decades throughout the world; parts were filmed specifically for the project.  Finally, I sourced video from public archives. The parts will be woven together into a story of the desert, its allure, the dread that it can draw.


Obviously, much art found in Dubai deals with the desert, and this is for good reason: we are surrounded by it, the city arose from it. While this project aims to take a complex and layered approach to this environment, it is mostly told through my perspective from growing up in the United States.



Playlist for this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Additional music


Blue Desert by Skatter

Desert Space by King County1

The Edge between the Desert and the Green by Space Slab Go

Ayahuasca Cowboy in the SciFi Desert by Periodic Fable

Desert Earthworks by Acrilic Colors



Video is by artist and sourced from Public Domain (


Atomic Bomb Blast Effects

The Lone Ranger

Five Hundred Million Years a Desert

Arizona: Its Mineral Resources and Scenic Wonders

Oil Paths of Progress

America:5 Gone West

Cabea Prieta National Wildlife Refuge

Camp Desert Rock Nevada

Camp Life at Camp Desert Rock

Constellation: Desert Research and Technologies Studies

Desert Escape

Desert Gold

Desert Phantom

Desert Victory

Desert Empire

Desert Venture

Show ‘Em the Road

Devil of the Desert against the Son of Hercules

Drums of the Desert

Excavation at the Site of Seneferu’s Pyramid

Fighting Renegade

Freedom Highway

Frontier Horizon

In Search of the Miraculous

Irrigation in the Heart of the Sahara

Operation 1955

Roads to Romance: The Santa Cruz Trail and the Land of the Giant Cactus

Sunset in the Desert

The Desert Fox

Land and Live in the Desert

The Desert Trail

The Painted Desert

Toll of the Desert

Tomorrow we Live

View from Space